Acne can cause emotional and physical skin damage to those that suffer from it, particularly in adolescents. Our philosophy for treating acne is to provide our patients with the best prescription medications and treatments so that acne gets cleared and scarring is minimal. We aim to teach you how to effectively get your acne under control so that prolonged repetitive visits to the doctor are not necessary. Dr. Lugo is dedicated to the comprehensive medical management of teenage and adult acne.

Dr. Lugo will personalized a treatment plan directed to treat your specific type of acne. We believe in combination therapy and use standard medical treatments, such as antibiotics and topical medicines, in conjunction with Photodynamic Therapy and IPL Laser Treatments targeted to treat the damaging effects of acne such as dark spots and scarring. Combination therapy leads to quicker results.

Acne must be treated in its earliest stages to prevent permanent scarring. We also welcome patients who are seeking a second opinion with regard to their current acne treatment.

Initial Visit
During the initial visit a complete medical history will be taken, including a detailed history of previous acne treatments. Skin will be examined in order to assess the extent and severity of the acne and any associated scarring, pigmentation, and irritation. An individualized treatment plan will be formulated based on all the information that has been gathered and according to your type of acne and skin tolerance.

Follow up Visits
Until the acne well controlled, frequent follow up visits will be arranged in order to assess compliance, tolerance, and efficacy of the treatment. We use a "hands on" approach and may provide one or several acne treatment(s) during each follow-up visit: removal of blackheads, drainage of cysts and intralesional injections of a tiny amount of Kenalog to make pimples quickly disappear. As your condition improves, your visits will become less frequent, until you eventually reach complete control.

PDT with Levulan for Acne
Acne treatments with Levulan Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is the most recent advance in acne therapy and is available at our office. Photodynamic acne therapy involves the application of Levulan to the skin where it is absorbed specifically by overactive oil glands and the bacteria responsible for acne. Light from a laser or blue light activates the Levulan solution to kill bacteria and shrink the oil glands, resulting in a significant improvement in moderate to severe cystic acne, often without the use of systemic medications! Levulan therapy is safe and can even work in patients who have failed other therapies.

Insurance Coverage for Acne Treatments: Most insurance plans are accepted however keep in mind that they do not cover lasers or PDT.

If you are tired of your acne and want to seek treatment that can reduce or eliminate its appearance, please schedule an acne treatment consultation with Dr. Javier Lugo.

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